FAPTurbo 48

With this newsletter we want to address a rumour that's floating around the net and update you guys with the new fapturbo 48 version! As you know we always keep up our developments behind the scenes to make fapturbo better, stronger and up-to-date. We also hear you suggestions and try to implement most of them! Bear with us - during the next few months we are going to surprise you with great development news.

"Someone is spreading the rumor that we are going to make an EVO Relaunch in September. To make it OFFICIAL: - we are not going to make any EVO relaunches in September. As much as we`d like to offer this (over 3500 people are sitting on a waiting list alone) we simply can not risk it`s effectivity declining for the proud

We keep tweaking and programming however and once we have some news we will update you. Bottom line is that we could now throw out alot of B.S. and market it as the god given supertool.. However we grew really attached to you guys (the community) and we have made a serious commitment to you and ourselves.

We know how much dreck plagues the web and we want to make a stand and prove that automated income on a grand scale is possible in forex.

We have released Fapturbo 48 which is now licensed till 2010.01.16. We have updated several default settings as well. You can download the version in the member area. Does Fapturbo 48 comply with the no-hedging NFA rule? YES! Fapturbo 48 does not hedge on the scalping strategy at all. On the long term strategy it does not hedge if you use default MaxOrders=1.

Question: How to Install Fapturbo 48?
To install fapturbo 48 simply go to the member area of fapturbo website and download it and then follow the same steps you did with the old version. The activation key will remain the SAME!

Question: I want to use an old version!
If you want to use old versions - you can do so. Just update the fapturbo3.dll in the libraries folder with the new one that can be downloaded in the member area.

Keep rocking and let`s stick together,
The Fapturbo Team!

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