FAP Turbo Settings

I have had some feedback that people are experiencing consistent losses with FAP Turbo, and Ivy Bot. If you are running FAP Turbo lately and haven't seen at least small consistent profits (over the past 5 weeks) you may need to optimize your settings. Forex Peace Army which is a 3rd party site that publicly forward tests trading robots has been showing consistent profits with their FAP Turbo program and Ivy Bot. They also have some details on which settings to use.

FAP Turbo on Forex Peace Army
Ivy Bot on Forex Peace Army

Another way you could optimize your profitability with FAP Turbo is use a service that claims to adjust the robot for maximum profits. While it costs money, if the service really does what they claim the profits would likely outweigh any costs. Also, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Take a look at FAP Turbo Expert Guide!

For Ivy Bot users, there is no specific set up service but it looks like Forex Peace Army publishes their settings, and their Ivy Bot has been profiting for the past 4-5 weeks. Also Ivy Bot has just released an update that allows the robot to be used on platforms with 5 decimal places (formerly 4) on currency pairs. They are also promising to implement a better equity protection algorithm in a future update.

If you aren't familiar with either of these programs their websites are listed on the top of this page. Take a look at the FAP Turbo Expert Guide! Just to remind you both FAP Turbo and Ivy Bot are good robots. It is always good to trade with two or more forex robots at the same time. Since both are optimized in a different way both are going to hedge each other meaning if one loses most probably the other will win and so on. So try both FAP Turbo and Ivy Bot both at the same time. However, before you do so you need to optimize their settings. The performance of both these forex robots depends on their settings.

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